Some more testing

Screenshot from 2013-04-18 21:05:59 Screenshot from 2013-04-18 21:03:23I did some more testing today.  The fire is very easy to start, and the secondary burn is fireing up quickly,  However I still need to get more air into the secondary burn  I plan on working on that some more this weekend, and getting more firebricks setup in the secondary burn area.

Screenshot from 2013-04-18 21:04:08



Here is the video of it

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New video with fire brick, and exhaust manifold description

starting fireI have enstalled firebrick, in the primary burn chamber, and plumbed air into the secondary burn.  I didn't have any dry wood, and run out of time to get the secondary burn going.  However this video describes my setup.

Hopefully I will get more time this week to give it a better test.

exhaust manifold

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We have fire

snapshot1After a few modifications, the secondary burn is really burning!!

I had to increse my exhast pipes to 3, and got the fire buring hot before closing the door.  It lit up right away, and burned great until I turned it off when the water in my tank was steaming hot (about 20-30 minutes to heat up 200 gallons of water).


for the full video of it, see:

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Another test burn

Doing some more testing.  I think I need to open up my exhaust into my secondary burn area.  The fire litup very easily, and burned great until I shut the door to force it through the secondary burn chamber.

Here is a video of the whole thing, including an explination of some changes I have made.

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Time to adjust the solar panels for summer…

I just adjusted my angle on my solar panels for summer time.  Here are the before and after pictures, it takes me about 20 min to make the adjustment (incuding moving my ladder out).  I do this twice a year, sometime close to the daylight savings time change. 














Here are some pictures from the back side


IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0020 IMG_0019

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Pictures, Test burn

Sorry I have not kept this updated. First here are the pictures of the fireplace moved onto the pad.


IMG_0015 IMG_0014


I also changed a few things up with the primary burn chamber, and it is working good now.

IMG_0017As you can see, the primary burn is working well.  However I cannot get my secondary burn to ignite.  I have been doing some reading about it, and most likely it is because the wood I am using is a little wet (it has been out in the snow all winter).  Because of this, it is producing a lot of steam which is not allowing my secondary burn to ignite.  I am not certain this the problem, so I will need to do some more testing.



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I am going to try and update on this blog everything I do with my projects, then once the projects are up and working, I will update my specific pages on the sites. This way you will be able to see my progress (and mistakes).

I have moved my wood boiler up to my pad behind my house, and tested a burn it it to see how it worked. I will need to make a few modifications to the air flow to get it working better. The design I was using did not flow any air up through the wood, and would suffocate the fire when I closed the door.

I will update with pictures later, and try to explain the problem, and my ideas for a solution.

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