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Time to adjust the solar panels for summer…

I just adjusted my angle on my solar panels for summer time.  Here are the before and after pictures, it takes me about 20 min to make the adjustment (incuding moving my ladder out).  I do this twice a year, sometime close to the daylight savings time change. 














Here are some pictures from the back side


IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0020 IMG_0019

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Pictures, Test burn

Sorry I have not kept this updated. First here are the pictures of the fireplace moved onto the pad.


IMG_0015 IMG_0014


I also changed a few things up with the primary burn chamber, and it is working good now.

IMG_0017As you can see, the primary burn is working well.  However I cannot get my secondary burn to ignite.  I have been doing some reading about it, and most likely it is because the wood I am using is a little wet (it has been out in the snow all winter).  Because of this, it is producing a lot of steam which is not allowing my secondary burn to ignite.  I am not certain this the problem, so I will need to do some more testing.



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