Elecric vehicle progress

This weekend I have done some work on my Electric vehicle. Most of the work was just clearing out all the stuff that is not needed.

I removed the fuel tank, exhaust system, and the spare tire. This will give me room to add the batteries. I want to have all the batteries in the same location in order to keep them warm in the winter (they need to be over 32 deg F when you charge them). The only place in the car with enough room for this is in the back, so I am removing as much weight from the back as I can in hopes it does the suspension can handle all the battery weight (about 950 lbs of batteries). I figure I removed about 200 lbs from the fuel tank (when it is full), about 50 lbs from the muffler, and about 100 lbs from the tire and tire mount. the electric motor is much lighter than the gasoline engine, but all that weight came off the front. So I may have to beef up the suspension, but we will see.

I also did some work trying to get the motor adapter setup. I made a video of it.

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