Summer projects

It looks like winter is almost over, and the wood boiler did a great job keeping us warm and supplying all the hot water we could use.  I am working on getting a full set of plans made so it will be easy for anyone to make a high quality wood gasifier boiler, and I have already started getting wood for next winter (I want to let it dry out all summer).

Now that the boiler is done, it is time to move on to some other projects.  Here is what I plan to get done this summer:

1- Build some hot water solar panels to heat hot water during the summer (so I don't need to use the wood boiler all summer)
2- Convert a Honda passport over to run on electricity
3- Build a carport to park, and also charge the electirc car  (this will also be used to mount the extra solar panels (see #4)
4- scale up my solar panel arrar you be able to produce enough power to run my electric car
5- Setup an inverter to run off my electirc cars batery bank to power my house during power outages (my car will store 40kwh of power)

I have a feeling this is going to be a busy summer….

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